Respect Your Ceilings

Ceilings are the Rodney Dangerfield of interior spaces, they get no respect. Years ago decorating ceilings was a common practice. Then in more recent years they just became forgotten. When making the decision on how to address your ceiling consider your room size, décor and budget. Choosing the right color, product, and texture can change the feeling in a room, enhance the proportions and hide any physical drawbacks.

The easiest and least expensive option is a coat of paint. Wrapping the wall color up onto the ceiling is safe but an accent color will really change the space and make a statement. Keep in mind darker colors will give a cozy feeling to the space and lighter colors will make the ceiling feel higher.

There are lots of options of things you can add to your ceiling based on your budget and design style. Use your carpentry skills to add faux beams to create an architectural element. Recreated tin ceiling tiles can be purchased at home improvement stores in a verity of styles and finished to suit any décor. This is a great option for covering textured ceilings. Installing bead board panels or wainscoting is a way to cover damaged ceilings. These panels can be painted or stained to suite your décor.

If you are working with a smooth surface applying wallpaper or fabric can give a personalized look. Choose a pattern and color that will compliment elements already in the room. Decals are a popular design trend right now. They come in endless patters and are applied easily and removed easily. Try duplicating a pattern from a throw pillow or upholstery fabric as a stencil. Use an accent color to apply the design in small areas like around a light fixture or in the corners. A mirror might be the prefect option for a small, dark space like an entry. The mirror will reflect light and make the space feel larger.

So look up. Is your ceiling boring old white? What can be done to include it into the rooms design? How can you show your ceiling some respect?

on Oct 27, 2014